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An app to increase curiosity for a San Franciscan tiki bar

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Considered one of the two modern-day bars to properly pay homage to San Francisco's rich tiki legacy, the Pagan Idol is a bar located at the Financial District and known for its charismatic bartenders and handcrafted cocktails. Upon entering, guests will be transported to an immersive tiki escape. Comprised of two rooms, the bar offers distinct experiences complete with a starry night ceiling, an erupting volcano, and ambient tropical sounds. 


The Pagan Idol would like to gather emails and send newsletters about upcoming events, featured cocktails, and other related news. How might we gain the users' trust to give out information during a time when people are protective of their data and suspicious of online platforms? The solution is balancing personable aesthetics with streamlined convenience to generate curiosity, inspire excitability, and increase patronage

STRATEGICALLY SELECTED COLORS that retains the bar's overall fun-loving atmosphere and encourages users to navigate the app without suspicion. 

A STICKY HEADER fixed into position with a triple bar menu button on the right. Users will take advantage of the convenient header's navigation utility without scrolling to the top at any give point of the user experience.

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APPROACHABLE + FRIENDLY COPYWRITING to enhance the user experience and cultivate trust. In combination with effective design, a relatable communicative style creates a charming front-facing online environment where users feel safe to explore further. Setting a personable tone increases the chances of gaining new customers and retaining existing ones.

A DYNAMIC FORM with visual elements inspiring users to provide their preferences and information without friction. Users frequently abandon forms as the tasks required to complete can be tedious. By beginning with visual cards, users will be engaged and motivated to provide further information. 

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Screen Shot 2022-11-17 at 4.02.25 PM.png
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INTERACTIVE COCKTAIL MENU to entice users' curiosity about the tiki bar. 

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